About Us

Who we are and why this is our clients´ business

We are a team of 11 lawyers and 14 employees who continue to work in our specialist area of law after the split-off from a major international law firm whose roots date back to the first half of the last century.

We differ – both from our competitors and from each other. It is the "unity in diversity" which complements, challenges and continuously inspires us. Thus, the whole is more than the sum of its parts.


Knowledge is indispensable, experience is invaluable, creativity is irreplaceable

Knowledge and know-how are our tools. We give them top priority. Thus we invest a lot of energy in the education and training of our young lawyers and young employees. Our lawyers are experts in their field of law. Beyond that they have considerable professional experiences gained in enterprises, as judges and in the authorities relevant for us. We can therefore assess our clients interests not only from a lawyer´s legal point of view.

Despite all the knowledge and experience we have gained – in the end it is the legal creativity which opens new perspectives. We do not only want to detect problems but we want to offer solutions. Each project can benefit from new ideas, because even if the facts are similar each case is individual.

This is to the benefit of our clients

We focus on our clients´ interest, put ourselves in their situation and tackle the problems where they arise in the corporate process – under legal aspects and in terms of coordination, budget planning and corporate policies.

There might be other lawyers who have some knowledge of our area of expertise. What is really sought are advisers with clarity of vision, able to steer after careful thought through unclear situations with sound judgment and who prove to be of real assistance. Clarity of vision also means for us that we consider the indirect implications of our proposals and the possible external effects of legal steps.

JONAS Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
Hohenstaufenring 62, 50674 Cologne, Germany